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A Real American Thanksgiving

We called it Truck Trollin’. It was like trolling along in your boat in the hopes of catching a fish… Only it was on Interstate 5 and without any of the satisfaction of finding something that could feed you or bring any type of pleasure. Well, possibly a deranged kind

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In pursuit of happiness Jesse explores the many facets of unique ability with great enthusiasm and aplomb.

Dan Kennedy April 7, 2017

Tribute to Dan Kennedy

This is a sad day for many of us in the small business world. Dan Kennedy is in hospice and doesn’t have many days left.

Email Rage!

Email Rage: The Digital Killer

Your Inbox Might Be Hunting You Ping! Another email. My good friend, Scott Miller, is a busy teacher, family man, and small-town philanthropist with the

F-Bomb’s Away

The Gentrification of Cuss Words

Cuss words, the F-word, in particular, has undergone rapid gentrification over the last few years. Just as improving a house or district to conform to

Dealing with grief and shame

Dealing With Your Grief

In the last week, one of my closest friends suddenly lost his father to a pulmonary embolism. His dad was a wonderful man, as healthy

Amazing Investment Opportunity!

Amazing Investment Opportunity!

Are you looking for an AMAZING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY?!! In honor of Amazon Prime Day (an official new celebrated holiday), we decided to do something horrific

The Seven BAD Decisions blog cover

How To Finally Achieve Real Ultimate Failure

Do you feel a guilty obligation to be “successful?” With the thousands of books, media, gurus, personalities, seminars, video and audio programs inundating the marketplace,