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Tribute to Dan Kennedy

This is a sad day for many of us in the small business world. Dan Kennedy is in hospice and doesn’t have many days left. I learned so much from him. I have signed copies of most of his books. I have flown all over the country to hear him speak. If you don’t know who Dan Kennedy is, you should, as well as the No BS Inner Circle.

You can check out the tribute page here:

The Dan Kennedy Tribute Page

How Did Dan Kennedy Impact My Life?

I “swam upstream” to find Dan Kennedy from other “gurus” who kept subtly or not-so-subtly mentioning him when dispensing wisdom or crediting their success. The curiosity got me so riled up that I finally tracked down his events, his books, his courses, and membership in the GKIC/NO BS Inner Circle.

When I first heard about Dan, it was from Frank Kern, who affectionately called him, “Mean Ol’ Dan.” I know it was a term of endearment and was in reference to his tough attitude on business practice and on his delivery of harsh reality. I have met Dan in person, and he was always kind and patient, signing all my books, answering questions, and even saying ‘hi’ in passing when others would be too busy. For such a successful man, he also remembers to be humble.

I deeply respect Dan.

Dan has changed my life. He made me do the most laborious work there is to do; think. Dan made me think harder than anyone else I have ever met or read. His books challenged my assumptions about life and the accepted conventional wisdom that was not as wise as I had thought. Upon thinking, I was able to become someone new and better. Once I became a better and more thoughtful person, I was able to do and have a better life.

Dan’s guidance was the primary reason that I am still an entrepreneur. Before I met Dan, I had a string of failures. I was on the verge of quitting altogether and seeking a regular job. I knew in my heart that was not the answer for me. After Dan, I have and am still becoming more successful. Although I struggle at business, I am doing it with more intelligence, and far more ups than downs. Positive striving has become a passion and a purpose.

Most importantly, Dan makes me laugh! He is hilarious!

Dan is one of the funniest speakers I have ever heard. He is a genius at delivering a talk that somehow combines life-changing and mind-blowing content with incredible entertainment value that borders on stand-up comedy. I could listen to Dan talk for days.

I pray that he gets to continue speaking and writing and perhaps even teach those angels a thing or two in Heaven. May his voice continue to echo through the ages, long after he passes from this earth.

God Bless Dan Kennedy.

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