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Well, I started a new comic strip. I got the inspiration from the various videos from all over the world where birds (and wildlife in general) are behaving oddly around 5G towers.

Birds are swarming, bees are losing all sense of navigation.

In some cases, birds are attacking the 5G installations. I don’t know if it is an act of defiance or fear. One must wonder when nature can sense something is wrong or dangerous in some way. I’m not an electromagnetic frequency and radiation scientist, but something is a little funny.

This is one among many videos circulating around the Internet showing birds attacking a 5G tower with a vengeance.

Speaking of funny, I don’t mean to jump into one of the many growing concerns that some people might categorize as a conspiracy theory, but I did want to give my creative take and perhaps grow awareness about this relatively little-known controversial issue.

With all the stuff out there about COVID-19, geopolitics, inflation, the Great Reset, technocracy, and globalism, I figured I’d offer a different point of view… One for the birds.

Enjoy issue (or episode) one.


A new comic strip by Jesse Stoddard

Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, and Peanuts Gang meet Birds attacking 5G towers!

When a new 5G tower shows up in their small town, an activist bird and his flock try to take it down. Once the humans catch on to their bird-brained ideas, they must learn to cope with new technology before their critics heckle them into digital oblivion.

5G is a comic strip inspired by videos from all over the world showing birds attacking 5G towers as if they can sense an unnatural threat about them.

Taking a reverse-psychology approach, the comic uses mostly innocent humor that can be appreciated from both sides of the controversial electromagnetic radiation aisle. By showing the lighter side of the impact of technology on society, this comic strip brings both awareness and humor to what was once a fringe topic.

5Gee Comic Strip Issue One (Click to Display Full Screen)

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Jesse Stoddard


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