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Jesse Stoddard

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Welcome to my personal website. I am a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (Specializing in Home Services & Contractors) and the Founder and CEO of the Stoddard Agency, a full-service strategy consulting and marketing agency.

My primary aim is to make my mark in the world by exploring new ideas, enhancing collaboration and cooperation with teams, and working in my unique ability, which is transferring infectious enthusiasm, taking action, and loving people in order to gather and connect with others to pursue a bigger, brighter future.

In my spare time, I teach improv and dabble in cartooning, graphic design, art, guitar, piano, and writing.

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I started in business as a fitness professional in my twenties, with over sixteen years of experience as a gym owner, multi-city boot camp owner, and consultant to other fitness pros worldwide. I wrote two books in the fitness industry. I hosted a top-rated fitness niche industry podcast and to my surprise, was once featured in CNN Money Edition. I helped several entrepreneurs become published authors for credibility, authority, and celebrity in their industries by ghost-writing or editing their books.

I was CMO of the number one Crawl Space and Attic Remediation company of the Pacific Northwest in 2017 and helped the Company go from 13.8 Million to 17.8 Million in one year. I founded the Stoddard Agency at the end of that year. I helped dozens of clients significantly increase revenues, profits, customer lifetime value, and lower customer acquisition costs, thereby improving my clients’ businesses and freeing up the entrepreneurs and owners to have life on their terms.

Personal life

Years ago I started a local improv class and group, which allowed me to teach, direct and perform as a hobby. We still meet on Zoom and have a great time exploring the art of improv.

I currently live in Snohomish, Washington with my wife Mae, two kids Phinneas and Keira, and my Power Pomeranian, named Fizzgig.

My mission is to make good bolder with my business and art, in order to serve God, and in such a way that I illuminate truth, shine a humorous light on our human imperfections, and remind us all to be humble while pointing us to what’s right.

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