From The Desk Of Jesse Stoddard
Snohomish, WA

Dear Random Website Visitor, Robot, or Beloved Telemarketer,

Thank you for taking a moment to visit my website. In today’s busy world, I know it is usually easier just to Facebook stalk someone. I understand how you feel since you are probably on there all day anyway, and I felt the same way when I was trying to spy—ahem—I mean, learn more about someone.

However, what I found was that a website really does contain more useful and detailed information that can give you a better overall understanding of who the person really is (or at least who they want you to think they are— Hey, wait a minute…)

If you would like to call me and try to sell me something, then you can easily find my information on the connect page. I welcome sales professionals… But I have to warn you, that although I look like your typical easy mark, I tend to be more interested in your process and scripting than I am in your product or service and it does tend to become a big game that is likely to frustrate you.

Better yet, if you have robotic or pre-recorded messages connected to an auto-dialer that can repeatedly call my landline for weeks on end until I finally relent and pick up the phone screaming, you already know where to find my phone number, since you got it straight off the “Do Not Call” list to begin with.

Anyway, you can find out a little bit about me on the about page, or you can get a far better understanding by reading my blog.

Thanks again!


Jesse Stoddard