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My First Few Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic Attempts

This blog is a continuation of my journey into amateur Stand-Up Comedy. See the previous post. If you are just now tuning in, let me get you up to speed really fast: I am a wannabe armchair comedian in small-town Snohomish, Washington. (insert thick Eastern-European accent here) “I am determined for

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Jesse stoddard stand-up comedy open mic

Stand-Up Comedy For The Total Neophyte

I am finally coming out of the closet. …And not in the way you might think. After debating for many moons whether or not to publicly announce I am doing something completely insane, I finally decided to come out with it and let everyone know that I am going to

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District 9 Was Ahead Of Its Time

So I was going over some old journal entries today and I stumbled on this one here. I decided to post it and see what you all think. Feel free to chime in with your comments. Saturday 8/29/09 Saw District 9…. great movie! I loved the setting: Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Boats, Bars, & Baseball with Glen Beam

Boats, Bars and Baseball Illustration

Here’s some art I did for my uncle Glen. He is planning a cool travel and lifestyle blog called Boats, Bars, & Baseball with Glen Beam. Hi is travelling around Puget Sound visiting waterfront bars and restaurants from the San Juans and end up at Safeco Field watching a game

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I am Choreographing an Opera

I am excited about the opportunity to choreograph a great dance and festive Act 1 in the classic opera Verdi’s Rigoletto, presented by Lyric Opera Northwest and STG. I was having so much fun with the dancers and singers that I ended up in the show too! I will be

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