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The Simple, Good Life Project

The Simple, Good Life Project: A Journey Towards Fulfillment

Embark on a transformative journey with Jesse Stoddard, inspired by Richard Koch’s 80/20 principle. Dive into the art of living simply and meaningfully. Each episode explores strategies for a purposeful life, emphasizing joy, relationships, and eliminating the unnecessary. From personal stories to expert insights, this podcast is your guide to embracing what truly matters. Join us in the pursuit of the simple, good life. Subscribe now!

5Gee (5G) Comic Strip 5

5Gee Comic Strip 5

If you like these comics, check out the 5Gee Comic Strip category. To see the very first one, and the birds attacking the 5G tower videos

5Gee Comic Strip 4 (5G)

5Gee Comic Strip 4

If you like these comics, check out the 5Gee Comic Strip category. To see the very first one, and the birds attacking the 5G tower

5Gee Comic Strip 3—5G Aviation Crisis

5Gee Comic Strip 3

This one received ample inspiration from the many new stories over the last week. As you probably know, there is a huge and controversial debacle

5Gee Comic Strip

Well, I started a new comic strip. I got the inspiration from the various videos from all over the world where birds (and wildlife in

The Boss: What Should I do For a Living?

What Should I Do For A Living?

It’s not ‘what do you do for a living.’ It’s precisely what you should do for a living. The difference is often a chasm the size of the Grand

Tall Women, Short Men

Tall Women, Short Men

Not long ago, one of my clients asked me, “Jesse, what do you think about tall women with short men?” “Is this theoretical… or is

Paper Boy Cartoon

Why Every Kid Needs A Job They Can Quit

My first job was delivering a paper route at around eight years old. As an independent contractor, you were responsible for doing your own prospecting,

A Real American Thanksgiving

We called it Truck Trollin’. It was like trolling along in your boat in the hopes of catching a fish… Only it was on Interstate

Dan Kennedy April 7, 2017

Tribute to Dan Kennedy

This is a sad day for many of us in the small business world. Dan Kennedy is in hospice and doesn’t have many days left.