How To Lose Weight, Even If You HATE Diet And Exercise

Struggling With Inconsistent Exercise, Lack Of Motivation, Impulse Eating, Or Being Too Busy To Take Care Of Yourself?

Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT the problem. There is nothing wrong with you and you aren’t alone. The ugly truth about the fitness industry is that for over fifty years, gyms, health and wellness companies, infomercial gimmicky products, and weight loss centers continually prey on the uninformed.

If you have trouble with getting on the healthy lifestyle wagon only to fall off again in a matter of a few weeks (or days), bouncing down the street into a pile of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the side of the road, it probably isn’t because you lack “willpower” or are somehow the victim of weak character.

See, the reality is that you have been fed lies to about the basic truths of health, fitness, wellness, and especially fat and weight loss… For years!

Hold on a second! Why should you bother listening to me?

I’m a 16-year fitness veteran, creator of Extreme Ultimate Fitness, founder of the Action Fitness Camp multi-state chain, writer of two books, creator of several popular programs like The Body Fat Removal System, and have been featured in CNN Money for my advice about the fitness industry.

I have a background in many disciplines, athletics, gymnastics, and dance (professionally in NYC and Seattle), and have owned several fitness companies. I am the go-to-guy when it comes to fitness and fat loss in my community (and I hate sounding like I am bragging, but the fitness industry is so full of jerks that I had to at least let you know I have some credibility before I would expect you to listen to anything I have to say).

Over the years, I have become a master at helping busy professionals get fit, athletic, and lean, even if they don’t have much time to devote to fitness.

I had a client not long ago bubbling with excitement about her fast progress. Marci, a manager of several Boys and Girls Clubs locations, sent this to me:

“In less than two months… DOWN 9.5 Inches! 4.1% body fat, 2.7 points BMI and 16 pounds of fat.”

My other client Dale, an extremely busy executive in the construction industry said this:

“Lost 41 pounds, 6 inches, and gained muscle”

His wife was actually a client first, and she said this:

During my first visit with my trainer, I couldn’t do a single push-up or sit-up. Not one, seriously! I started by working out twice a week with my personal trainer. Now, I workout with him once a week AND workout at Action Fitness Camp 2 – 3 times a week. I’ve lost about 20 pounds… I started as a size 12, now I’m almost a size 6 (8’s are too big)… But the best part is, I feel great!

…So yes, I know the methods I use to help people really do work and I know it is good honest work that people need. That’s why I still do it to this day, even as I pursue other career paths (I can’t help having endless creative impulses).

What The Fitness Industry Wants You To Believe (and hopes you never get wise to!)

The people who make the MOST money from you are the ones that play right into your innermost insecurities, habitual patterns, and primal instincts.

Our culture also loves its heroic story traditions. After all, we love to see an underdog like Rocky victoriously run through an eighties movie training montage. We love to embrace the concept of being tough, discipline, along with mental and physical breakthrough.

We love the fact that the movie montage takes only moments to show what takes years of work in real life. We don’t want to see all that boring, tedious, and monotonous hard work day in and day out.

As a youth-obsessed culture, we all remember what it was like to just decide to get up and go, and then be able to simply get up and go (anyone can do that at nineteen and eat whatever they want, but try it at forty)! We love to microwave success.

Even people who claim they understand this concept (like someone you know… perhaps intimately?) are still subject to its gravitational pull. If something is faster, easier, cheaper, or more fun and exciting, we can’t help but take notice. After all, we are wired that way both in nature and in terms of cultural nurture.

The fitness and weight loss industries know this all too well. They know you want “instant fat loss,” and “lose weight without exercise,” or “Our gym has insane crazy workouts to make you puke.” Heck, even I am using headlines like that in this very article (well, maybe not quite as egregious-sounding).

They want you to fully buy-in to the idea that YOU are the problem. They have a very easy solution that you buy… Only to inevitably fail (the VAST majority of people regain all the weight they lost on short-term weight loss programs). You then wonder why you failed, and if you try to ask, you will get the same answer, said in a hundred different ways, of which here are the top 5:

  1. You screwed up.
  2. You didn’t follow the regimen.
  3. You cheated.
  4. You must be weak and lazy.
  5. Sorry, no refunds.

“I always felt guilty about failing. Now you tell me it’s not my fault? How could that be?”

Fair enough. Let me explain with an analogy:

If it was pouring down rain (it is right here in lovely Snohomish, Washington as I write this), and you came to me and asked how you could avoid getting soaking wet, I would have a few options.

First, I could immediately jump in with offering to sell you a variety of lovely rain-repelling accessories. I could explain how my brand new plastic pants would certainly make rain drops bounce right off your legs. If I was really selling you hard on these, I would go into every feature and benefit of these amazing new Plastic Pantz™, The Ultimate Forever Rain Terminator. I would explain how amazing their polyethylene chemical structure was and how fantastic their patent-pending design eradicated any kind of raindrop into a bazillion particles of water vapor and wicked away any possible moisture from getting into or out of your pants.

Now, for some of you focused on the eternal fear of leg wetness, you might actually buy these, but not before you did your shopping! Of course, you are an educated consumer! You aren’t going to be fooled, so you go and do some extensive Googling to search out every other company and brand of plastic pants products or alternatives.

You will search through various versions of work pants, suspenders, overalls, pantaloons, short-pants, and even skirts and dresses. You will compare plastic compositions, size, weight, cost, manufacturers, shipping and handling times and prices. If you are an environmentalist, you will probably look for the all-natural, recycled, domestic built, locally farmed, pair of pants sold by socially conscious give-back-to-the-community companies only, thank you!

… And after all of this extensive research, you will proudly get back to me that you either decided you would go with another company, rather than support your friend because you found something “better” and it’s not personal, or perhaps you actually do buy my Plastic Pantz™, and we both go away happy.

… Except for one problem.

Your top is soaking wet. Your hair is dripping in your face. You are cold, and your shoes feel like waterlogged sponges.

I can hear you say it now:

“Oh, I get it! In this little story, you should have offered me an umbrella!”


…But what if this little analogy goes deeper than that? What if I am comparing the accessories I offered (like Plastic Pantz™) to a ThighMaster, or one particular Herbal Supplement, or even a CrossFit membership, and the Umbrella in our story represents a comprehensive workout program?

That umbrella does sound better. And THE MAN does like to sell you those umbrellas too since there is still a healthy profit margin on them (not as good as the Plastic Pantz™ though).

Now, what if I really blow your mind and tell you the ultimate, super-duper-secret cutting-edge science method to absolutely end the problem of wetness for as long as it rains? You will never ever have to worry about wet hair, wet shoes, or (gasp!) wet legs again for as long as you live!

You’ll never have to worry about a single drop hitting your precious skin ever again.
And what if I tell you it is 100% guaranteed for LIFE!?


But wait, there’s more!
If you order within the next two-point-five seconds, you’ll also receive a free pat on the back, an atta boy, and boosted self-confidence!


…And the amazing secret to not getting wet when it rains?


Just stay inside the house.

Here is how this analogy relates to fitness, fat loss, and weight loss:

You have been conditioned by society, culture, and especially the incessant amount of marketing circulating around you 24/7 to believe that there is one little fix, one little cure, one little reason that you are failing, and if their suggested solution doesn’t work, it’s you who failed. The accessories are like little products and gimmicks. They may help, but as the amazing Dr. Barry Sears from the Zone Diet used to say:

“Never let the tail wag the dog.”

The umbrella in the story is simply a larger product suite or a more comprehensive solution. Does the umbrella work? You bet it works better than one of the other accessories. However, it isn’t guaranteed and you might still get wet. It won’t protect you from side wind, from cars splashing mud puddles up into your face as you walk the city streets, or any number of other ways you might be dampened, moistened, sprinkled, sprayed, splashed, soaked, saturated, flooded, doused, soused, or drenched.

The umbrella can’t make absolutely sure that you stay dry, which is what you really want, more than the absence of rain drops (remember, you came to me while it was raining and asked how to avoid getting soaking wet). You did not ask for accessories of dryness. You did not ask for a hard-core exercise program, a gym membership, or a supplement.

Just like when someone comes to the store to buy a drill bit, what they actually want is a hole, not the bit.


What do you ultimately want? Short-term weight loss, or long term fat loss, health, and amazing energy?

Stop asking the wrong question and you might stop getting the wrong answer.

Staying in the house is so simple it sounds trite. It sounds like this corny one-liner: I keep trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me.

The reality is that “Staying In The House” represents the basic common wisdom that your grandmother probably tried to teach you, but it was so old-fashioned you never listened to it. Things like:

  • Eat three square meals a day.
  • Early to bed, early to rise…
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Go out and get some physical work done… Every day.
  • Drink your cod-liver oil.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables.

Of course, there are many more of these, and for some reason, it has become popular to challenge these basic ideas even though they have been working just fine.

Now, I have had to add a few details to these rules over the years to help people implement them in their life. After all, the devil is in the details (or in this case, the success is in the details), and knowing what to do is very different from getting yourself to actually do it.

I am going to go over all of the key strategies to permanent weight loss and lifestyle change and more while helping you to implement the healthy fat loss techniques that led me and so many of my clients to success without all the hardships you typically fall prey to in the diet and fitness industry.


So what is standing in your way of getting in the best shape of your life?

You would rather believe that one particular ingredient is the devil, or that one particular exercise program is vastly superior to the rest, or that one particular food group should be avoided at all costs, or that we are now allergic to EVERYTHING, or that Plastic Pantz™ are the key to staying dry.

We love to totally mess with our immune systems, by avoiding foods so much that we lose the ability to tolerate them and eventually can’t even handle their presence in a room anymore. We love to claim that humans are no longer omnivores, but we should eat only like predators or herbivores. We love to glom on to some new fancy type-A-personality-based competitive fitness environment where only the strong survive!

Why do we do these things? Heck if I know!

I guess it might be to make us feel cool, and elite, and smarter than everyone else. Maybe we do it out of fear of getting sick. Maybe we listen to our naturopath who loves to tell each and every single person that walks in off the street that we are ALL allergic to gluten and dairy and if we only get off those two things then ALL of our problems will go away (after buying a bunch of herbs and vitamins from them of course—because they have the best stuff and are the only ones that can tell us what we truly need since they are so special and different).

…But I’m just spitballing here.


Here’s What You Can Do Right Now To Lose Weight Even If You Hate Diet And Exercise

Now, can you see how there isn’t as much money to be made by simply telling you what you already know?

That’s why it isn’t sexy. It isn’t profitable for THE MAN! (And I am desperately trying not to look like the man, even though I am a white male approaching forty, so I am doomed to be typecast).

The way to avoid dieting is to NOT diet. Instead, simply follow some very simple principles and do them over time. Easier said than done?

They aren’t even difficult!…

As long as you know which ones to follow and which stupid ideas to avoid.

The reason I can say this is that my wife and I have been doing these simple things for years without any struggle whatsoever.

In fact, I have been doing them since 1996 and can attest that they always work and they do not even require “self-discipline” or going “hard-core” in the traditional sense. The crazy thing is that people that feel like they must go on some health kick and get really extreme actually do WORSE than the people that simply take it easy and only do it at 80% correct.

What about the hating exercise part?

That’s easy. The truth is you DO NOT need to exercise to lose weight.


That’s right, it isn’t necessary.

…BUT it makes the process way better and makes you a lot healthier, so you should do it.

I know this sounds like a bait and switch since I promised you can do this if you hate exercise. However, it isn’t because you technically don’t need to and yet the kind of exercise I will be talking about will seem very easy and fun for you. You might actually enjoy it!

How do you like them apples?

Easy and fun.

If you are ready to learn the correct principles that work every time and don’t require you to like dieting or exercise, then you are going to love my Extreme Ultimate Fitness programs.

Extreme Ultimate Fitness
Extreme Ultimate Fitness

…And yes, I am aware that the title is ridiculous! I am doing that on purpose. The industry is full of ridiculous and I believe that a little humor with satire and parody is exactly the kind of medicine everyone needs to get back to common sense.

Not only am I starting a new blog-to-book project, but I also have a video coming, along with a course you can do from the comfort of your home.


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