Life After High School: Interview with Kyna Gonzalez

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Today’s interview with Kyna Gonzalez is part of my ongoing blog-to-book project: Life After High School: Secrets To A Successful Life By Those Who Have Had Twenty Years To Think About It (or) What They Didn’t Teach Us Gen Xers In High School. If you missed the last post, click here, otherwise, you can start at the beginning here.

Kyna Gonzalez

Formerly Kyna Clevenger

Bremerton, WA

My Life In High School

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Who were you in High School and how did you feel about it?

I would say that I was just a normal girl. I didn’t hang out with any specific group of people, but I tried to get along with everyone. While that didn’t always work out, I can at least say I tried. It made me a stronger person and have a thicker skin for what life had in store for me.

What did you think your life would become when you graduated?

Honestly, my life is pretty close to where I thought I would be. I have a great job, wonderful home, great friends, and family. I get to enjoy crazy adventures when I want. Life really can’t get much better than that.

My Life After High School

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What happened in your life to you, for you, and by you in the last twenty years (how have you used your time and who have you become)?

I have established the best career I can in a field that I truly enjoy working in. I have established myself to be able to start my crazy travels and adventures and truly be able to understand and appreciate them. I have met amazing people along the way, both in good ways and bad.

While we all have ups and downs (mine being a divorce by 31 and a few deaths of close friends and family, most recently my grandfather—best friend—just 2 weeks ago).

Life is hard so you have to appreciate what you can while you have it. I have no complaints in that I have done my best and lived the best life that I can.

My Life Lessons

What were the major life lessons and wisdom that you gained during your journey over the last 20 years?

Do what makes you happy. Whether it’s family and children, traveling and living life outside in foreign lands, or just have a genuine smile each day.

Enjoy your coffee or tea each morning and just remember how lucky we are to have grown up in a great place, live in a great place and be able to enjoy the great parts of life.

Letter To My High School Self

If you could write your 18-year-old self (or however old you were when you graduated) a letter, and send it back in time, what would you say? What lessons, wisdom, encouragement, or warnings would you give yourself?

I would say don’t give up. It might not always be easy, but it will pay off. Don’t allow others’ negativity to bring you down. You are amazing, you will do amazing things, and bring a little amazing to each person you encounter. You never know when that smile thing might just make the difference to someone else. Stay strong and remember to always love who you are. Be proud and stand tall.

In the next post, I will continue with more great interviews, like this one with Jason Mann.

Are you from Generation X? I want to hear what you think! Please comment below and participate in the conversation about What They Didn’t Teach Us Gen Xers In High School. What do you wish someone told you when you were eighteen?


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