Every Day’s A Saturday

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Every Day’s A Saturday
by Jesse Stoddard

The middle of a day on a Thursday,
we now hop and we skip and we jump.
A day like today a few years ago,
we’d be rooted to a job like a stump.

I’m often asked, “Why do you do
these things that aren’t the norm?”
What can I say, but “I do I do,
I much prefer the form.”

For Saturday is just a day;
as fun as all the seven.
And why not dance and smile and play
on earth as it is in heaven?

You may scoff to set me straight,
since life has lots of rules;
Go to school and get a job,
for dreamers are simple fools.

But alas I found the plan expressed
is not what they had promised.
For in my heart I found the best
to help me feel my calmest.

A path we carved with bravery;
a choice that frightens many others.
To leave the job and slavery,
for freedom is our druthers.

Thursday, this day is just as good
as the one before and after.
Since once the plan was understood
Our struggle became laughter.

Now they can keep their workaday week;
the time clock and golden ‘cuffs.
This day today is not so bleak:
It’s time to call their bluffs.

For Today is just like Saturday;
as fun as all the seven.
And why not dance and smile and play
on earth as it is in heaven?

About the author

Featured in CNN Money Edition, Jesse Stoddard’s primary aim is to make his mark in the world by exploring new ideas, enhancing collaboration and cooperation with teams, and working in his unique ability, which is transferring infectious enthusiasm, taking action, and loving people in order to gather and connect with others to pursue a bigger, brighter future.

Jesse’s mission is to make good bolder with his writing and art, to serve God, and in such a way that he illuminates truth, shines a humorous light on our human imperfections, and reminds us all to be humble while pointing us to what’s right.