Boats, Bars and Baseball Illustration

Here’s some art I did for my uncle Glen. He is planning a cool travel and lifestyle blog called Boats, Bars, & Baseball with Glen Beam.

Hi is travelling around Puget Sound visiting waterfront bars and restaurants from the San Juans and end up at Safeco Field watching a game somehow, making as much of the journey as possible in a little inflatable dinghy that is 9’6” long, and has a 15 horsepower Mercury 2-stroke outboard motor with electric start.

Perhaps he could become a restaurant and travel critic. He could rate his experience giving the bar a rating. Five dinghies being an outstanding experience and one dinghy being not so good.

Here is a link to one of his articles that was featured in Cruising Northwest.

He has a hilarious writing style that I love and has done cool articles for boaters. I was inspired to help him out so this was my take on representing his new venture. Thoughts?

Boats Bars & Baseball


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