Jesse’s primary aim is to make his mark in the world by exploring new ideas, enhancing collaboration and cooperation with teams, and working in his unique ability, which is transferring infectious enthusiasm, taking action, and loving people in order to gather and connect with others to pursue a bigger, brighter future.

Business Bio

Jesse Stoddard is the Founder and CEO of the Stoddard Agency, a full-service marketing agency specializing in lead generation. A good way to describe him is as a Virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and lead generation specialist, delivering a reliable stream of leads that convert into new clients, customers, and patients on a consistent basis.

He started his business life as a fitness professional in his twenties, with over sixteen years of experience as a gym owner, personal trainer, and consultant to other fitness pros all over the world. He wrote two books in the fitness industry, including Free Gym Memberships, and How To Build Your Own Fitness Boot Camp, hosts a top-rated niche industry podcast The Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle and was featured in CNN Money Edition.

A few decades later, he helped a 13.8 Million dollar service-based business grow at a startling rate of 40% and spent a year providing marketing strategy consulting and services for a diverse range of clients from law firms to dentists to financial services firms to real estate brokerages.

As the founder and CEO of the Stoddard Agency, a digital (and analog) marketing agency, Jesse provides comprehensive marketing plans, in-market leads, sales copywriting, funnel-building, book-authoring and a variety of digital marketing services tailor-made and customized for his business owner clients.